Living in a modern life with heavy pressure of work and air pollution, all of us do desire to be relaxed in a natural atmosphere that is full of leaf and wind Lying in the middle of a beautiful, green painting drawn by fragrant rice fields and surrounded by undulating mountains, Liberty Hall Tam Coc Villa naturally absorbs the essence of sun and earth. The whole hotel campus is a harmonious combination of fresh nature and modern beauty in architectural design.




Just 2 hours (100km) drive from Hanoi, Liberty Hall Tam Coc Villa is located in the midst of the Tam Coc tourist base in NinhBinh province with golden rice fields during 2 harvest seasons. Right in the entrance of Liberty Hall Tam Coc Villa, the rows of roadside wild flowers blended well the scent of rice remind us of our childhood memories in a peaceful village with loves.




Away from the hustle and bustle of city life, Liberty Hall Tam Coc Villa enjoys a private and peaceful space amidst a majestic nature. Hotel rooms are luxuriously designed according to 3-star standard, most rooms have balconies with unparalleled mountain-views or overlooking the hotel campus that is full of tree and flowers arranged by enthusiastic staff of Liberty Hall Tam Coc Villa. All of above aim at giving you relaxing and unforgettable moments, far from urban noise and go to a deep sleep at the most comfort.


Lost to the rooftop space when accessing “SKY GARDEN” of Liberty Hall Tam Coc Villa. True to its name, you are deep in a majestic view of surrounding mountains and stretching rice fields from there. Early morning, when the dewdrops are still lingered on the green leave, it’s time for you to enjoy the morning fresh air and the glow of dawn behind thick clouds. You can have a little of drink in bar, sunbath, watch the sky or chill out with family and friends. This is one of the most favourite spaces of visitors when coming to Liberty Hal Tam Coc Villa, a 360 background for magical pictures whether it is a gentle sunrise, a romantic sunset or a sparkling evening with lights.


Entering Liberty Hall Tam Coc Villa, you will feel a green garden with plentiful of trees and flowers. Whether dining in restaurant, swimming in pool or enjoying an outdoor BBQ party, you are able to feel lush green stretches of nature.




At Liberty Hall Tam Coc Villa, the use of plastic islimited, for example, bottles for bathroom utensils are made of clean ceramic. Liberty Hall Tam Coc Villa also encourages visitors not to use plastic bags, but textile bags or paper bags for personal uses.


Thank to open design and green building concept to maximize the air circulation and allow the sun shine freely though, Liberty Hall Tam Coc Villa is full of natural lights and consequently, electricity is used when really needed to save the national resources. We, Liberty Hall Tam Coc Villa appeal to all our customers for this purpose: let’s turn off the lights when not really necessary.


We are also aware that waste is a serious environmental problem, so we set up a sorting unit for daily household waste. Plastic bags/bottles will be separately sorted for recycle purpose. Leftover food will be used for the farm animal here.


Liberty Hall Tam Coc Villa has a separate smoking area and will give you detailed instructions when getting here. Therefore, please be assured that all children are played in safe atmosphere that is free from harmful smoke.




On holidays or special events such as Christmas, New Year or a customers’ birthday, Liberty Hall Tam Coc Villa always arranges parties and invites all customers to join in the cozy atmosphere. Especially, if your holiday is booked as a honey-moon, birthday, we will arrange private parties basing on different celebration concepts that are changed constantly in order to make your loved one feel surprised and happy. We are, of course so exited about this.




You will be welcome by friendly and attentive staff of Liberty Hall Tam Coc Villa, indigenous people who are knowledgeable about the local cultural and tourism tradition.They are also proficient in English, therefore, please do not hesitate to contact Liberty Hall Tam Coc Villa for any query/assistance during your trip in NinhBinh and Vietnam as well. We assure that your problems will be quickly handled.