Dear Valued Customers!

La Spa chain would like to thank you for the love and the support you have given us over the years.  This encouragement has been instrumental in La Spa’s achievements and made us the success we are today.

From 1 September 2018, the La Spa operation will officially be renamed La Spa. The aim is to give us an independent and distinct presence within the La Siesta Hotel & Resort brand while still being aligned with the EHG group of which we are a member.

We expect this name change to help bring La Spa to a new and higher level as we continue to be the pioneering spa business in Vietnam’s Hospitality Spa industry.

Our quality standards and service at La Spa will remain the same as before. In addition, we are enhancing a number of processes, utilities and products, which will bring added benefit, experiences and feelings for our customers.

We hope this does not affect your impression and love for our spa formerly La Spa now known as La Spa. WE ARE STILL HERE, we have an even stronger spa heritage and are ready to serve you anytime!

Best regards!


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